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Children’s Ministry

Children’s ministries at Needham’s Grove are designed to meet the spiritual and developmental needs of each age group.  Bible curriculum for each ministry is age appropriate.  Leaders are experienced working with children and are focused on maintaining a safe environment.

Teen Ministry

Teens experience incredible growth in physical, spiritual, and social areas.  Our youth program seeks to challenge the teens spiritually through Bible focused teaching, life challenging application, ministry opportunities, retreats, and summer camp.  You can’t have a teen ministry, though, without food and fun!!

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Adult Ministries


Serving the Lord together is the goal of our adult ministries.  From outreach to edification, each ministry is focused on fulfilling the call to the local church and making a lasting impact on our community.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Ladies Missionary Fellowship

Bible Studies

Sportsmen’s Banquet

Music Ministry

Senior Saints Program

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